• Kwame Brown: "Calling Out The Fake Woke Negroes"

    Posted Jun 1 by Eye Am

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    “You fake woke negroes, y’all are the worst thing to the Black community … because you fake woke niggas won’t allow independent thought,” Brown said. “I don’t care who you vote Read More...

  • Esoteric Occultism (7, Gimel, Palm, Lamp)

    Posted Jun 1 by Eye Am

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    How can there be 7 days of the WEAK(week), but NO €arth day is included in any of the titles ? Does this not blatantly state to all of DIVINITY that the €arth is not worth celebrating or recognition ? Read More...

  • Esoteric Occultism

    Posted May 30 by Eye Am

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    Did you really believe, it was just a movie ? Again, the Languages have been around for far longer than that of "Hollyweird" productions, and €ye encourage all to please check every single translation, transliter Read More...

  • "Pawned Pawns in the Pond"

    Posted May 29 by Eye Am


    The Huemen are the "§oldiers" i.e. §ol+Die(r), §un+Dier, §oul+Dier, §ole+Dier that are being used as "Beta Testers" i.e "Crash Test Dummies". "Dier" is Anglo Jute Sachsen for "Beast" and also the Read More...

  • S U I C I D E D (VERB) Kevin Spacey & Hollyweird Homo Hit Squad

    Posted May 29 by Eye Am


    Ari Behn... Ari Behn, a former Norwegian royal who accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault in 2017, was "suicided" at the age of 47, just hours after Spacey shared a bizarre video on social media. Behn's death com Read More...

  • Da Wolf howls...

    Posted May 20 by Lucio Bitoy

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    Da Wolf howls...One day I hope to awake KNOWING MY GRANDCHILDREN never hear about another war begun from lies forced upon the world by the caucasoids. What lie specifically? The lie named, "middle east". If YOU look Read More...

  • WHO?

    Posted May 19 by Lucio Bitoy


    Sit down please. This will take a while to get off MY chest. This Wolf can howl for hours...Why did I post a meme denoting today as a HOLYday when I KNOW the reknighted snakes of amerikkka never will formally designate t Read More...

  • Da Wolf asks...

    Posted May 11 by Lucio Bitoy


    Da Wolf howls...I have, put MYSELF thru 3 years of complete misery and turmoil. I have to tell the TRUTH and hopefully in telling this TRUTH I may help a BLACK PERSON.When I came into contact with a demoness Read More...


    Posted May 11 by NO' TEP

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    You're going to want to read this. I go over the same stuff from time to time because certain posts hit differently than others. This happened to me yesterday when I was listening to a millionaire interview with a multim Read More...

  • Occult Esoteric Knowledge "┬žaturn, Jupiter, Triple Tau, EL Bow,

    Posted May 10 by Eye Am


    The "Chaldean Lunar/Moon Invokation(Worship)" cycle was,is known as "SOSS". This is the "SAUCE" of the "Law" as shown in the Latin term "IUS" & "JUS" imply Read More...