• Consumers In Cosmetics Packaging Factory Are Increasing

    Posted Jun 28 by jin yii


      At present, the global cosmetics packaging industry is valued at 25 billion US dollars. Among them, there are more and more beauty consumers in emerging markets such as the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East an Read More...

  • The Chi Episode 1 Season 3 (my thoughts).

    Posted Jun 22 by Ernest Sandefer

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    A lot of great things to say about the season 3 premiere of The Chi. I thought Lena Waithe and the rest of the cast behind the scenes did a wonderful job at not changing the show's essence with the lost of two key charac Read More...

  • Before Covid 19 and After

    Posted Jun 21 by Gerald (Aijeba) Donelson II (Foli)

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    "I won't go back to day one of deciding to fight this machine we call Amerikkka, I'll save that for later. I want to address biochemical warfare due to the personal effectiveness I have come to experience personally. Be Read More...

  • Perfume Atomizer Plays A Vital Role

    Posted Jun 21 by jin yii


      Ladies use Perfume Atomizer to spray perfume. Spray is widely used in cosmetics industry. The different spraying effects directly determine the user's experience. Perfume atomizer plays a vital role. Spray pump, Read More...

  • Let's keep up the fight

    Posted Jun 17 by Phillis Phillips

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    I wanted to just log in and commend the developer of this app...  At this time in society there's protest, riots and boycotts going on globally. This is our safe space to spread the word and Truth about our people. Read More...


    Posted Jun 16 by NO' TEP

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    When Trump was first elected I posted a blog about him attacking all people of color and it wouldn't be long until he came for us. To the point of a modern day condition that very closely resembled slavery. Of course som Read More...

  • if loving you is wrong part 2

    Posted Jun 15 by Chrise Ehizonomen

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    After the work came the initial introduction. I was very creative in my approach because I was in fact on a so called date with someone I was going to block as soon as I got out of the car. I walked by him and I tou Read More...

  • If loving you is wrong...

    Posted Jun 15 by Chrise Ehizonomen

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    His name is King and we met at a restaurant in Eldy. He was muscular with a ravishing smile and he spoke English like it was his first language not his third. He lifted his bottle and gave me  a wink. I reciprocated Read More...

  • Amais

    Posted Jun 15 by Chrise Ehizonomen

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    Life has handed me lots of lessons I want to share. These are my lessons and I feel like if anyone could get the lesson before the possible heartache then I'm glad I could share it. I have a passion for writing and shari Read More...

  • Emotionally Bankrupt

    Posted Jun 14 by Patrice Simmons-Hunter

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    This is insanity, mental bullshit..physically chaotic Plots in my mind, alternate endings..I think I need a drink  Moet would be nice, a shot of Hennessey even better But that would fog my mind, make Read More...