• Magic Johnson: "The 1 Man Conglomerate"

    Posted May 7 by Eye Am

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    A conglomerate is a multi-industry company – i.e., a combination of multiple business entities operating in entirely different industries under one corporate group. On Nov. 7, 1991, Los Angeles Lakers Read More...

  • "RESET" - Occult Esoteric Knowledge - "§piritual Blindness"

    Posted May 7 by Eye Am


    The "Occult" is not about anythang hidden, contrary to popular negro be lie f. There is nuttin´hidden from g.o.d., just cleverly concealed perhaps...   * Ocul- is a combining form used like a prefix&nbs Read More...

  • The Truth Shall Make You F.E.A.R.

    Posted May 5 by Eye Am

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    There is an astounding amount of indications and evidence that suggests we are/€ye am Multi Dimensional Hueman caught-up & caught-in a vicious cycle of "§eparation i.e. §ep(7) A Ration" with a certain "Ma& Read More...

  • Any thoughts?

    Posted May 5 by Lucio Bitoy

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    Da Wolf howls... A certain mentality really is pissing ME off. This mendacity of thinking which many BLACKS, including MYSELF, exhibit is pervasive, corrosive, lethal and completely in OUR brains due to being indoctri Read More...

  • Noble Woman

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  • Elohim-Annunaki-Superman Consciousness

    Posted May 4 by Eye Am

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    In 1997 the flick "Contact" was released which was based on the "Elohim" making contact with huemanity once again. The main character in this flick is "Ellie Arroway", played by Jodie Foster. After the early deat Read More...

  • €lohim, eloHIM, MIHole (Elo+Mih) = ?

    Posted May 4 by Eye Am


    Elohim, El, Aleph Lamed in the Ancient Phoenician tongue implies "Deity, Power, G.o.d." Aleph Lamed. (El) is the prefix for the "House Aleph Lamed (El)" as shown through the Ancient Phoenician term "Elohim". The latter p Read More...

  • Be Wise As Serpents (Original Magi ,URAEUS, Agathodaimon, Winge

    Posted May 2 by Eye Am

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    WARNING: Do not consider this information, if you rely on a rigid belief system (cystem i.e. cyst in stem) to give your life a false sense of security and meaning. The information presented in my writings & observations Read More...


    Posted May 2 by NO' TEP

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    So, my nephew who's in his 30's called my older brother yesterday to ask for money because he's moving out of the apartment leaving his baby momma and two kids. He has two other  young children with another young la Read More...

  • Da Wolf Howls

    Posted Apr 30 by Lucio Bitoy

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    Da Wolf howls...What is real? Are there really some "unseen" hands at work directing the events that play out before YOUR eyes? This question has belabored BLACK minds since the mutations of mutated mutations forced this Read More...