Posted Apr 22 by NO' TEP

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    I had an interesting conversation with one of my coworkers today. He's a short white guy who's really into christianity. He's a genuine christian, nicest guy in the world. Somehow we got into a conversation about christi Read More...

  • Da Wolf instructs

    Posted Apr 19 by Lucio Bitoy

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    Da Wolf howls...WE are calling OURSELVES gods  and goddesses more and more. I won't get hung up with the origins of the words, I assume WE can ALL pretty much agree with the intent of them.What I need to deal with i Read More...

  • R.I.Heaven Mother and Daddy

    Posted Apr 16 by Beloved Smith

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    Haven't been Able to Rest

  • Bow down

    Posted Apr 15 by Lucio Bitoy

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    WE are approaching an anniversary that proved without a doubt, what worth free BLACKS have to amerikkka. The date was May 13, 1985 on the gregorian calendar. What happened was an act so foul that until this day I still c Read More...


    Posted Apr 14 by NO' TEP

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    When I first saw the news about the latest young brutha that was gunned down by the police in Minnesota I thought the same thing we all think when this happens, 'damn shame.'. It wasn't until I made the mistake of leavin Read More...

  • The Wretched Truth

    Posted Apr 13 by Agasunon St. Clair Bokór

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    Advocate of the Full Gospel according to the Wretched of the Earth,  Colonialism has been the ongoing issue at hand for Nokolitic & other groups of the Great Middle Continent {Afrika} as well as its Dyaspora.&nb Read More...


    Posted Apr 5 by NO' TEP

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    Even though there has been overwhelming evidence presented at the George Floyd murder trial against the cop who killed him I would be surprised if he was actually convicted. White supremacy is undefeated in this country. Read More...

  • I am Nothing

    Posted Mar 29 by Jilly (just Jilly)

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    I am nothing, because I am everything I am weak, but full of strength. I have no home, because I belong to every grain of sand that's around me. I am alone, but never lonely. I am void, but I am filled. I am quiet, but Read More...

  • Live in your truth around prayer 2

    Posted Mar 28 by Menace II Babylon

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      site sticking,,,,finish part 2. Later

  • Live in your truth around prayer

    Posted Mar 28 by Menace II Babylon

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        I’ve always been a member of MP, just became a silent reader.  Matured in my blogging style... a bit, but still I choose to remain the needed thorn in MP’s paw as some of the multitud Read More...