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    Posted Feb 4 by Natasha Ramkhellawan


  • Integrity

    Posted Jan 30 by Menace II Babylon

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    You don't realize how important integrity is... Until you've been around people without it. SHARING IS CARING SHE NEVER LIED THANK YOU SUPPORT THE WORK OF Laini Mataka   THIS IS A WRITE UP FROM Laini Ma Read More...

  • Medusa

    Posted Jan 24 by Menace II Babylon

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    MEDUSA When we hear Medusa what comes to your mind as a representation of their indoctrination into our culture?   Medusa’s “hair of snakes” were really dreadlocks.   Dread Read More...

  • Domestic Violence Pt 2

    Posted Jan 18 by Menace II Babylon

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  • Domestic Violence Pt 1

    Posted Jan 18 by Menace II Babylon

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      DOMESTIC VIOLENCE If you are easily offended don’t read my blogs.  Ain’t no disclaimers to make readers feel at ease. Back is broad so I can take the negative remarks.  Domestic and in Read More...


    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis


    DID YOU KNOW: Human Trafficking has WAY more victims than Covid??

  • What do we REALLY know??

    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis

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    Luciferase, hydrogel, nanotechnology, human trafficking, China, adrenochrome, pedophiles, satanists, what REALITY do we really know? I see a lot of us living in an illusive fantacy STILL waiting for a specific sky daddy Read More...

  • Lets Talk Logic...

    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis

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    Lets do the math.... Black on black murders, mass incarcerations, interracial relationships, homosexuality, vaccine ignorance, and abortions..... Where do you see the African American community 20 years from now?

  • Talk about killing each other

    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis

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    DID YOU KNOW: In the first 10 days of 2021, there were 1 million, 1 hundred (1,100,000) abortions performed.... And that 700,000 of those abortions were black babies?.?.

  • Seen Anything Interesting In The News Lately?

    Posted Jan 16 by NO' TEP

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    So anyways, I'm watching the news and I see this cop complaining about how those folks climbing the walls of the capitol gave him a beating with a thin blue line american flag. As a matter of fact there were several cops Read More...