• The WOLF howls

    Posted Mar 26 by Lucio Bitoy

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    When's the last time?  When was the last time someone told YOU blunt, unadulterated TRUTH? Has that ever happened to YOU before? Could YOU handle it if it were to ever happen? I'm sure many of YOU will knee jerk Read More...

  • Keep All Blacks United

    Posted Mar 26 by Kafari Kabu

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    "We love everybody who love us, we don't love anybody who don't love us." -Malcolm X To me, those words hold true. The way I see it, why should someone try to force another person to love them or expect another pers Read More...


    Posted Mar 25 by Menace II Babylon

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      Our topic today is meant to be lighthearted, to take a break from discussing the many social, financial, economic, racial, historical and other issues which weigh down daily on the Melanated spirit as we grappl Read More...

  • The Power Of The Black Woman’s Ass

    Posted Mar 25 by Menace II Babylon

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    What ENERGY does this Ass and Look bring out?     You just want to stick a fork in this Ass, so a man’s dick becomes the fork. A man will want to find a way to destroy it somehow, make it react som Read More...


    Posted Mar 24 by NO' TEP

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    Mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, causality, gender. That's it, the mysteries of the universe. Originally revealed in Egypt. If you use 'em right you can have virtually, anything. I've been watching Read More...

  • I Don’t Need A Man

    Posted Mar 24 by Menace II Babylon

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      "I Don't Need A Man?  Today there's a very significant number of professional Black women who have positioned themselves for success with BA's, MD's, as well as PHD's.....but unfortunately,  Read More...


    Posted Mar 20 by NO' TEP

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    A Brand -identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word and/or sentence used to distinguish  a product from other products.That's the working business definition of a Brand. 21st century liberation must be sold not taug Read More...


    Posted Mar 14 by NO' TEP

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    I was watching this video where this guy said we(humans) are the only life form that's aware of it's mortality. Mmmnah. I had a doberman once. She knew when play time was over. Sure her entire life she was happy to see m Read More...


    Posted Mar 5 by NO' TEP

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    I asked one of my coworkers what's worse, a psychopath or a sociopath. One will kill you without any cognizant ability of what they are doing, whereas the other will kill you and know what they are doing and do it anyway Read More...


    Posted Feb 28 by NO' TEP

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    My brother was telling me the other day that my next paycheck should be a good one because of the overtime I've been doing. I was telling him that if you pay an elephant at the circus for peanuts and then give him a rais Read More...