• Domestic Violence Pt 2

    Posted Jan 18 by Menace II Babylon

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  • Domestic Violence Pt 1

    Posted Jan 18 by Menace II Babylon

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      DOMESTIC VIOLENCE If you are easily offended don’t read my blogs.  Ain’t no disclaimers to make readers feel at ease. Back is broad so I can take the negative remarks.  Domestic and in Read More...


    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis


    DID YOU KNOW: Human Trafficking has WAY more victims than Covid??

  • What do we REALLY know??

    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis

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    Luciferase, hydrogel, nanotechnology, human trafficking, China, adrenochrome, pedophiles, satanists, what REALITY do we really know? I see a lot of us living in an illusive fantacy STILL waiting for a specific sky daddy Read More...

  • Lets Talk Logic...

    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis

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    Lets do the math.... Black on black murders, mass incarcerations, interracial relationships, homosexuality, vaccine ignorance, and abortions..... Where do you see the African American community 20 years from now?

  • Talk about killing each other

    Posted Jan 16 by Tisha Davis

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    DID YOU KNOW: In the first 10 days of 2021, there were 1 million, 1 hundred (1,100,000) abortions performed.... And that 700,000 of those abortions were black babies?.?.

  • Seen Anything Interesting In The News Lately?

    Posted Jan 16 by NO' TEP

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    So anyways, I'm watching the news and I see this cop complaining about how those folks climbing the walls of the capitol gave him a beating with a thin blue line american flag. As a matter of fact there were several cops Read More...

  • Stress

    Posted Jan 16 by Menace II Babylon

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      STRESS   We have never been more stressed.  We assume that those of us working from home it is easier when in reality we work harder, less breaks and unless we have professional boundaries we work l Read More...


    Posted Jan 14 by Menace II Babylon

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     PROTECT YOUR GODS   SOME OF OUR BROTHERS DON'T HAVE A CLUE AS WHATS EXPECTED OF YOU NOR WHAT TO DO SO ..... LET ME SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU ......   The black woman needs protection but not from hersel Read More...

  • HELL

    Posted Jan 14 by Menace II Babylon

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      I HATE WHITE INJUSTICE AKA RACISM & AFROPEAN NEO COLONIAL FILTHY INJUSTICE  . Talking bout hell.......get real....   Hell is checking your mailbox in fear (debt) ~   Hell is working check to Read More...